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I assure you if I knew how to convey what I feel, I would. It seems to make other people’s lives much easier.

now something is fishy because David hasn’t tweeted in a few days


god people on twitter need to calm down.

I even read they’re using Aubrey to cut DB screen time..

some people shouldn’t be allowed to read spoilers! hahaha


choebe replied to your post: *

She does look normal. All the frontal pics look completely like always. The side pics are done during interviews and she’s slouched and not holding her breath in! I saw her at SDCC and noticed the SAME tummy then. THAT is 3months ago! People! Ugh!

It’s that damn DAILY FAIL article that spouted all this nonsense, ugh. She looks absolutely normal. If it wasn’t for that article, no one would be saying anything.

(The Daily Mail is one of the absolute worst things about this country. They print absolute shit all the damn time.)



Bones Sneak Peek: Booth Will Do Whatever it Takes to Avenge Sweets’ Death

We’ll get through this together, Bones fans.

Still reeling from the shocking death of Sweets (John Francis Daley) in the season 10 premiere? We are, too. And so is the Jeffersonian team as Thursday’s all-new episode finds them doing whatever it takes to find his killer.

In our exclusive sneak peek above, Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) have their main suspect, but are hitting some obstacles on their road to justice. Watch the emotional clip above to find out who the team thinks is Sweet’s killer.

CLICK: Bones cast reacts to the devastating loss of Sweets

In the season 10 premiere, fans were left with their jaws on the floor as Sweets died in Brennan’s arms after being beaten to death

"The entire situation for us was very, very painful and we tried to treat it with as much respect and truth as we possibly could," executive producer Stephen Nathan said of the decision to have Booth and Brennan with Sweets when he died. “Sweets and Booth and Brennan had grown so long over the past three or four years especially, that it seemed as if they were the people who should be there when he died…it really was a testament to Sweets, and to the nobility of the character, that his last words really were about Booth and Brennan, of concern for his friend, not in any way thinking of himself.”

Great, now we’re crying all over again.

The decision to kill off Sweets came as John Francis Daley is set to direct the upcoming remake of National Lampoons’ Vacation, and Nathan admitted it was a “difficult” decision to come to. 

"We can only deal with the events that confront us and that’s what we had to do in this circumstance. It’s more than what is going to be good or bad for the show," Nathan explained. "Really it was the difficulty, the challenge, and, to be honest, the pain of losing a character like Sweets and an actor like John. We love John. It’s always difficult and you never really know how the audience is going to respond. We can only hope by treating this in a realistic way…that respects the character that will also show how much we respect the audience. We did not do this in a cavalier or callous way, we tried to do it and integrate it into the show, and hopefully it makes the show better in a way." 

Bones airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Sweet Jesus, the nerve of people on Twitter.


DO NOT act like she’s 100% pregnant AND TWEET IT TO HER, unless Emily announces it herself. Because that’s HER business!

If she’s NOT pregnant, then you’re just an ass telling her directly that she looks pregnant.

This is why, even if you think someone looks pregnant, you DO NOT ASK THEM THAT.

If she’s pregnant, that’s great! If she’s not, then it’s HER damn body and kept your mouth shut because that’s not your place.